The technology




is a complex MONITOR-and-ALERT system that scans all the relevant data sources within the organization, compares them to hundreds of existing and acquired scenarios 24/7, analyzes processes, and alerts on inconsistencies and irregularities in Real Time, before such irregularities may cause damage to the organization.

Unique Data Warehousing & AI Technologies

enable cross-database multi-layer analysis

Patterns Monitoring

Dozens of structured fraud scenarios tracking patterns of existing data along with patterns of data omissions

ETL Tool

A robust and scalable ETL tool is an essential component of the Detelix Solution

Complex AI Algorithms

for managing Logical, Analytical & Rule-based exceptions, Process irregularities, Patterns, Correlations, Behavioral analysis of multiple data sources in Real Time, and more…

Consistency Verification

Hundreds of algorithms checking and cross-referencing current and past data to verify consistency, reasonability, accuracy, and appropriateness of transactions

How it works


Gathering Information

from various internal databases using Detelix’ ETL tool


Processing Data

using DETELIX proprietary algorithms based on client’s transaction procedures

Research & Report


Assessing transactions' risks

Assessing transactions’ risks Analyzing & cross-referencing processed data, trends, and procedures


Sending Alerts, Warnings, and Call-ups

Identifying and alerting on potential risks BEFORE the suspicious transaction is completed

Key Features

And capabilites

Real time

24/7 company’s transactions monitoring

Saving costs & efforts

minimizing workload while maximizing efficiency

Predictive engine

advanced pre-emptive identification of changing patterns

Real-Life scenarios

>500 built-in flexible scenarios & use cases to enhance accuracy

Advanced ETL tool

pre-emptive identification of changing patterns

Minimum false alarms

precedent precision, delivering only relevant results 


analyzing & updating scenarios according to customer-specific use cases

Alerts breakdown

deep investigation of each alerted transaction, alerts breakdown reports

Hundreds of proprietary algorithms along with AI & ML engines working 24/7 to detect and alert on possible leakages before the transaction is complete


Detect & Prevent


Processes large volumes of data from different sources and formats

Analyzes and compares related entries to detect anomalies & irregularities

Presents data break-down for each alert

Identifies and predicts risks

Alerts on detected issues BEFORE the actual transaction had been carried out