Better Together

Collaboration between Argoscope and PwC Israel provides the ultimate solution that combines advanced technology that provides real-time control and alerting, along with extensive experience in embezzlement and fraud investigations in organizations in Israel and around the world and promises to protect your business - anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

The risk management and investigative audit group at PwC has extensive experience in managing the risk of embezzlement and fraud and in locating and investigating various types of criminal incidents.

The PwC team will examine the processes taking place in the organization and define the areas of activity where there are possible exposures to the occurrence of embezzlement and / or fraud.

The team will adjust, if necessary, the possible scenarios for the occurrence of embezzlement and / or fraud and will define the alerts that managers must receive from the Argoscope system - the system is based on the most advanced technologies, based on pre-prepared scenarios and updated regularly using AI (learning machine) , Including the payment transactions, before withdrawing money from the organization.

Regarding the payment system, Argoscope will accompany the payment process throughout, from the creation of the entity to which the money is transferred (suppliers, insured, customers, employees, etc.) to the actual payment transfer, including an examination of the accounting records.

Alerts detected by the Argoscope system will be investigated by PwC experts, with the in-depth investigation done to track the actions taken while reviewing supporting references. In accordance with the test results, the organization will be given recommendations for implementation in order to reduce the risk of incidents of embezzlement and / or fraud.