Accounts Payable (P2P)

Accounts Receavable

Wages & Salaries


Bank Details Verification

Internal Audit

Assets Management



to prevent

financial leaks 

The platform contains modules that may be used separately or in any combination to fit the requirements of a specific company or organization

Accounts Payable - P2P


Real-Time pre-emptive payments monitoring. Based on cross-referencing between Company’s orders, suppliers’ RFPs, inventory, bank account details verification, bank reconciliation, and other components, when applicable.

Accounts Receavable

Collection & Control

Monitoring & verifying customers’ payments, including discounts and refunds. Comparing purchase price and inventory against customer’s order and payment(s) within the defined timeframe.

Wages & Salaries

Match & Pay

Controlling payment of salaries and other types of compensations by matching and verifying each compensation’s conditions and relevant variable parameters.

Bank Clearings

Match & Verify

Comparing, matching and verifying all the parameters on both sides of the transaction before the final approval is authorized.

Internal Audit

Comprehensive Transactions Overview

Collecting, verifying & alerting on all the inconsistencies in the transactions flow across the organization, including internal financial and assets transactions, as well as payments to external entities, analyzing, comparing, and verifying all the processes and variables.

Account Details Verification

Verifying the details of all accounts payable to ensure accurate and flowless transfer of the funds to suppliers, vendors, and employees.

Assets Managment

Internal Audit

Following the trails of all the assets (financial, tangible and non-tangible) from the moment they enter the organizational framework to the point of exit, including internal assets movement and flow. In case of any inconsistency or irregularity in the expected assets behavior, an alert is sent to a dedicated party.